bléuscape design

For the love of Design

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Everything we put our hands to is created out of our passion for design thinking.

We believe in the pursuit

of greater possibilities from within physical boundaries.

The Design

Design is addictive! We love the way considered space encourages communication, how a wall can act as a frame to the outer physical environment, how a simple design move allows light to fall and affects different material surfaces. Yes, it is fair to say we are design addicts and there is no cure.

We, at Bleuscape Design, invite you to join with us in a journey of artful investigation into architecture. And then, when enough time has passed, feel the reward of finally opening the door to an environment that is your own space; a sanctuary, a place of intrigue and delight crafted just for you.

The Build

Craftsmanship is an old fashion word, one we believe is still relevant when it comes to things done well. It is for that reason we believe in our total immersion; concept to completion, with a few fun events along the way.

Our involvement in the project management component of your build ensures the level of care is maintained from design right through to hand over.

Over years of working in architecture and design, we have forged strong relationships with builders and contractors. These people know our work and share our passion for quality and creative solutions. It would be our pleasure to introduce these contacts to you.

The Reward

Everything in this life, when pursed for pleasure, is about the experience. Liken it to buying a BMW, once built you receive a great car, that is a given, it is expected. However the experiences offered throughout the build and upon delivery are about the creation of memorable moments. It is why people keep going back.

At Bleuscape Design, we also believe great outcomes are inevitable. That is why we place more emphasis on the experience of getting there than most. We want you to come away with memories and a sense of achievement, having succeeded in realising something extraordinary.

Collaboration is the enabler of transition to individuality.
We strive to produce architecture that is engaging, stimulating, fulfilling and enduring.
We do not create works of architecture, we discover them. – Glenn Murcutt
There will never be great architects or great architecture without great patrons. – Edwin Lutyens
We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us. – Winston Churchill
Simplicity is always beautiful.
The details are not the details, they make the design. – Charles Eames
Be unique, create the world of your dreams.
All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable. – Frank Lloyd Wright
One can look but not see. Observation is different. Observation is considered looking, or measured looking, which draws an appropriate conclusion. – Richard Leplastrier
I see simplicity not so much as a disregard for complexity but as a clarification of the significant. - Glenn Murcutt

If architecture is about legacy and timelessness then the journey of design and construction must be it's cornerstone. This is where it starts - We would be honoured to work with you and be a part of your experience. Please feel free to view our current work, comment on it (be a part of others journeys), or contact us and start your own.