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Anthony Riggs, Director of Bleuscape Design

After working with many-an-architect, Brisbane's Anothony Riggs formulated a vision for Bleuscape. Bleuscape Design was established in October of 2005. The body of our work has been residential both in and around Brisbane and South-East Queensland. Opportunities have also arisen to architect projects as far north as Mt Isa and as far south as the Dandenong Mountains, Victoria.

Architect career highlights have been the realised work; yet the client / architect relationships have enriched our lives immeasurably. There is a joy in getting to know people and their stories when designing something as intimate as a family home. By nature, it is inherently personal and that means an understanding of who it is you design for is very important.

Practicing in Brisbane brings with it a distinctive set of opportunities. Our office has grown to love the challenges this location brings.

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