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Residential Architects Brisbane

It is a good time to be practicing residential design in Brisbane. As a city, it is the most geographically spread-out therefore, there is the prospect for densification and Brisbane Residential Designers are responding with vigour. Their pallet is a unique canvas where a sub-tropical environment makes way for a direct connection to outdoor living.

In years gone by Queensland has been known for its trademark post-war Queenslanders which are almost always elevated off the ground, their verandas and out-houses being located at the periphery. While this has certain aesthetic and historic qualities, they are often cold and dark at the core.

21st century responses are seeing architects and designers link directly with the landscape via ground hugging structures instead of their floating counterparts. Bleuscape Design's 'Crossroad House' is one such model. This design investigates how solar-passive attributes integrated into the plan promote cross-ventilation, northern exposure via carefully positioned courtyards and a direct connection to landscaping, all within a typical residential subdivision.

This floor plan creates a blurring at the edges of the building between what is inside and out to enhance the quality of occupation in specific areas of the home. Beyond comfort, the close connection to outside allows for individual expression via something natural rather than material.

Residential Architects Brisbane