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Balmoral Duplex Brisbane

The Brisbane suburb of Balmoral is the location for a new duplex commission. The design explores ideas of how a building can gradually reveals itself.
The entry ramp is curved downward descending into the heart of the home. This narrow corridor is simplistic in its materiality, raw concrete (fire wall), vertically laid timber cladding (private bedroom walls), and translucent Danpalon (walkway roof line).

Instead of the stair immediately taking one down as a traditional staircase might, it continues following the curve of the roof line above terminating at the periphery of the building. This forces a dialog with the day through an exposure to view, sky and landscaping before engaging in household activities. This class of housing pose an interesting set of challenges in that they are so often inwardly focused. Our design throws the attention over to nature allowing for ventilation, light and landscape.

We are in the final stages of design development with this project. Hopefully construction will start around December / early January.

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