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Barn House

First off the ranks for 2015 is the Barn House. Our wonderful clients desired a home that embraced a farmhouse aesthetic prompting us to design two bold barn like structures, one for living and one for working. The separation of pavilions, spatial and architectural, sets the stage for exploring relationships between landscape and built form. This is a key feature that we, as a company, try to always explore.

Internally, the house features a natural palette showcasing a high degree of timber craftsmanship in key areas. Other features will be stone, raked ceilings and large glassed openings.

At the edge of each roof line is a distinctive detail that offers light through fixed glass inserted set into over sized hardwood scissor trusses. These glazed trusses allow for a distinctive experience when one encounter the edge. To us the edge spaces are very important as they are the connection points to outside. By integrating such details into the form one get to encounter the day in a unique way making the spaces memorable and different.

The house is due to start construction in late February / March

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