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Lives Lived Well Family Units

Our Kirk Rd building project for the NGO 'Lives Lived Well' is an opportunity to explore environments that are centred around healing, rehabilitation and rest. The brief was to design four structures, one community centre and three residential facilities that house two families each.

The Community Facility.

The physical site itself has a lot going for it especially regarding breeze and view, backing onto the Logan River. Part of the commission was to create a central room that takes advantage of this by connecting with place.

As in most of our projects, the design proposes a connection to landscape allowing the interior to be part of the extended environment.

Our view is that relevant design should offer multiple uses. The structure is, therefore, a hybrid building; it is not monofunctional. We envisage the space being used by staff and patrons as a meeting room, community hangout, indoor / outdoor theatre, games room, exercise environment, unique event space and small group breakout area.
Beyond the central place, the rooms to the north offer specific functions i.e. medical treatment room, amenities, offices and more.

The Residential Buildings

The two and three bedroom homes are facilities for family members to stay with a patron on the road to recovery. LLW thought it critical to offer this service to keep the family network together at such a time. These residences will be occupied for a three-month period.

The design is about the balance between public and private, prospect and refuge. There is the ability to screen entirely off from the balcony which is a shared environment and then connect when appropriate.

The houses all allow for specific views depending on the occupied space. They capture prevailing breeze through positioned louvre banks and operable facades.

Project Status: Complete

Awards 2019


  • National Award - Dual Occupancy – Lives Lived Well Family Units
  • Paul Dass Memorial Award – Lives Lived Well Family Units
  • Regional Award - Dual Occupancy – Lives Lived Well Family Units


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