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Olszanowski Residence

The Olzanowski Residence is a renovation of a 90’s brick veneer home located in Capalaba, Queensland. The house is located on a generous 6000m2 block of land. Currently, the home in its existing configuration doesn’t make use of perspective and landscape. We decided that its new configuration should embrace both. However, as in many of our projects, this is approached in a very controlled manner so as to maintain the uniqueness of each location within the plan. The extension, therefore, allows the occupant to encounter landscape through a veil of built form.

The proposed scheme is substantial, making use of materials that embed themselves into the site - stone, brick, and steel.  There is an attempt to continue the plan beyond the walls into the environment. This allows for a blurring between what is natural and what is built. i.e. Retaining walls and landscape penetrate the interior, timber details used both inside and out.

The plan is about discovery never offering up everything at once. This is further enhanced though light levels and material changes.

This project began with a beautiful statement made famous by the Queensland architect Garry Murtagh,

‘We start from a position of darkness and slowly add the light.'

To us, this phrase produces such provocative imagery from which to create.

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