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The Illusionary House

We call this scheme the Illusionary house because what is inside often feels like its outside, and vice versa. This deception is solidified through a loose structural porosity that dissolves the nature of enclosure. For example, there are multiple levels and multiple roof scales, floors that are solid and others that are permeable. There are doors that completely open entire facades and louver banks that act as wind breaks. These elements combined, allow for an architecture that is inherently sensory by nature. Our hope is that over time the house itself begins to act as an educator about what the site offers from a solar passive perspective. 

Australian architect Glenn Murcutt talks about understanding architecture as being similar to sailing. If you allow the building or house to respond due to the different seasonal changes you can manipulate it to draw out its best performance. This concept influences the features of our design. 

The home is located on acreage not too far from Redland Bay, South East Queensland, approximately 30 minutes south of Brisbane City. 

Status: Currently in Council.  



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