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A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), Art and Design

A new era is upon us!

Over the last few weeks/months, I have observed a significant disruption emerge within the digital art space. It is taking the world by storm!

I am speaking of access to A.I. technology via apps like Mid-Journey and Dall-E 2. These online applications effectively allow anyone to type in keywords and create ‘stunning’ digital renderings.

How it works: Get internet access to the product, learn how to place phrases into the search bar, and watch the images materialize right before your eyes.

The A.I. tech does this by analyzing words against billions of open-source images on the web, then formulates an interpretation into breathtakingly beautiful images.

What would typically take highly skilled digital artists months, if not years, to produce can now be created in seconds by anyone that can piece a sentence together.

Playing with this over the last week or so has been so much fun! Naturally, I have thought about how this technology could aid my house design process, so I put together an example for you all.

Here is an image the A.I. created from the following series of words:

‘modern concrete house, thick rainforest, farm, Tamborine Mountain, mist’

A.I. Rendering - Midjourney

Like anyone in the design industry, I have preconceived notions about what is appropriate. This stems from years of construction and design conditioning. Yet, when confronted with an A.I. generated piece of art like the one above, it immediately jolts one out of ingrained biases. It offers an invitation to respond to the art itself as a form of abstract inspiration.

My creativity then has permission to kick in and interpret something from the image.

Again, by way of example, I spent some time creating a floor plan that draws from this specific rendering just for this blog post. Here it is:

In my opinion, the channel this A.I. technology opens for creative potential is nothing short of ground-breaking.

From now on, when a client commissions a new project, they will effectively be authorizing a collaboration between me and artificial intelligence.

I can’t wait to try this out in a real-time scenario.… Anyone?? 😊

Words: Anthony Rigg



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