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CopperString Project


Every known and then a project comes out of left field that takes things to new levels. However, with new levels come new challenges. This project came our way as a result of a recommendation from the good people at Retracom.

We were contacted in 2011 by Tony Ford, design manager for Leighton Contractors in Queensland to aid them in the creation of four buildings. This was our biggest project to date and required more man power than what we could muster ourselves. We decided to invite Burger Rogers Architects to work with us in association, so we could deliver the initial stage to the strict time frames set by our clients.

The building component of the ‘CopperString Project’ as it is known, is broken up into four main structures, a maintenance and control building to be located in Charters Towers and a smaller backup facility near Mt Isa. These buildings would provide up-and-coming resource and mining projects with valuable power services for the next 40yrs. The buildings had specific requirements to be terrorist proof while at the same time allow for a quality of amenity that feels more like a residential home than a commercial facility.

Aside from its main functions the premise behind the scheme was to create a central secure public space that brings the office staff and maintenance yard workers together. Our hope was to allow for an interaction during down time that forges relationship. These locations are relatively remote, and those on the Leighton payroll would be required to live on-site for weeks at a time.

Unfortunately, the project has been put on hold indefinitely due to Xstrata pulling out of the deal. Please see the associated link below:

Dispite the disappointment of our buildings only reaching schematic design completion it has been a joy working with Tony and his team from Leightions on this project.



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