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Dream Build (Series 2)

It's the end of the year and yet another series of 'Dream Build' is being screened on the ABC. For thoughts of you who didn't catch our earlier blog which featured the first series I have attached a link below. Enjoy the first episode of series two here!

Episode 10 - Brent Knoll

This week’s Dream Build episode shows how a very brave owner took her home from the 1800s to the 21st century. The result is a daring building that uses older materials in remarkable new ways.
Having restored her old (1850s) Victorian farmhouse cottage, Ellie Nielsen wondered how she could put on an extension without compromising the integrity of the old building. To solve this problem, Ellie engaged Rodney Eggleston, an architect she’s known since he was just a boy. His solution left her gob-smacked (or dumbfounded).
Rodney scrapped plans for an extension and instead designed a separate annexe – with a striking folded copper roof and radical reinterpretations of materials from the 19th century. For instance, the new building has pressed metal ceilings, old-style lights and a kitchen which celebrates the use of grocery store advertisements from the 1800s.
The result is an inspiring and striking building which contrasts with, and also complements, the original farmhouse cottage.

Episode 11 - K House 

K House has been globally recognised as one of the world’s great modern beach houses. Sited on the Victorian surf coast the house has a shape derived from the ‘K’ of the owner’s name - Kronberg . The ’K’ has been sliced and reorientated to produce a house that some say looks like a ship while others think it resembles an explosion.
Designed as a four-bedroom family holiday home with the potential to become a retirement residence, K House is all about the ambience of beach living and has extensive decking and spectacular ocean views. Originally the exterior was to be bright red however local government regulations determined it had to be grey; a grey that the architect wryly insists is still a ‘shade of red’. Bright red lives on in the kitchen and in the dining room where a huge bright red bookcase in the shape of an inverted K holds part of the owners’ extensive book collection.
K House has an exterior that excites and challenges, with an interior that is all about the easy life.



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