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Further Images – Pottsville House 2013

The practice has recently been experimenting with a new add-on software for Google Sketchup called V-ray. These are some of our early renderings. I love what it does to further sharpen the images. In coming weeks we are going to convert many of our projects into V-ray renders. We look forward to sharing them with you all. I'd love to know who else uses it in their work flow. Enjoy!




2 Responses to Further Images – Pottsville House 2013

  1. Cheers Leonie, appreciate the advice. I have had Vray for about a week. There is a lot to learn. I’m trying to follow the free Youtube tutorials online which are sometimes in other languages. Can you recommend any sites that are great and in English? Thanks!

  2. Not too bad but You can get these better by

    Fix your material mapping scale and add texture / gloss to make better – if your after photo real it has to be
    Or go for sketchy concept look

    try irender less hassle and faster rendering.

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