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Gregory Burgess – Forum Lecture Series 2012

Gregory Burgess graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne in 1970. For the past 32 years he has led the Melbourne architectural practice known as Gregory Burgess Architects, for which he is the principal designer.

Burgess has received over 40 professional and community awards including the Sir Zelman Cowen Award (awarded annually for the best building in Australia), the Victorian Architecture Medal (for the premier Victorian Architect) and the RAIA Gold Medal (Career Award for the premier Australian Architect). He has received international awards for the most innovative architecture in the Commonwealth and for the most outstanding architecture in the Asia Pacific. His architectural work has been exhibited at major galleries and museums in London, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Edinburgh and all Australian cities. He has been widely published in professional books and journals, including most major international architectural journals.

This lecture presented in Ottawa, Canada as part of the Forum Lecture Series 2012 is a wonderful look into the mind and work of Gregiry Burgess. He is clearly a deep thinker when it comes to his beloved field with strong roots in heritage and the organic form. Enjoy!



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