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Heimplanet’s Inflatable Geodesic Dome Tent Sets Up in a Snap!

Buckminster Fuller was a futurist and an architect renowned for his out-of-the-box thinking. Years after his passing designers across the world continue to produce interpretations of the Geodesic Dome structures that made him famous. This tent by Hamburg-based 'Heimplanet' is no exception having taken advantage of the fractal geometries found in nature. Unveiled at this year’s inspiring DMY event in Berlin, “The Cave” offers plenty of space for 3 to sleep, or 6 to sit together, thanks to its unique diamond shape. Made from super durable synthetic materials that both are waterproof and lightweight, the best part of about this dome is that you can inflate it all in one go!


Ideal for trekking and hiking excursion that require instant shelter without all the fuss, “The Cave” can be inflated in no time. Thanks to a Multi Chamber Safety System (patent-pending), the user can inflate the entire frame in a single step because all parts are connected together. Heimplanet’s geodesic shelter is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to take on a bit of adventure.




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