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Peter Stutchbury Interview

The work of Australian architect Peter Stutchbury seems to be getting better and better.

Peter is famous in Australia for his site sensitive design. His work is an absolute inspiration to many, both students and practitioners alike. I had the privilege of meeting Peter at the 2006 National Architecture Awards in which he won a commendation for his popular 'Bangalay Houe' - Kangaroo  Valley, NSW. This was a dream come true as his work epitomizes a genuine authenticity that draws so much inspiration from each site he is given.

With a string of new houses just finished in 2011 and 2012, I have no doubt that it is only a matter of time until we see him on the architectural podium again. Stutchbury has won almost every architectural award in Australia and is surely in line for the Pritzker at some point. To date, Glenn Murcutt, his friend and colleague, is the only Australian to be given this high honor but if the quality and recent international interest in his creations are any indication, he is surely a contender.  


The below interview is Stutchbury talking from his studio in NSW about his love for architecture and its relavence to site. I hope you enjoys it!

Interview with Peter Stutchbury from Historic Houses Trust on Vimeo.



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