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Peter Stutchbury’s latest works

Hi Everyone,

Below are a few new homes that I have been waiting to see come to fruition for sometime. Now that they are finished we get to see another glimpse into the creative mind of Peter Stutchbury. I have been a fan of Peter's work for many years. In my opinion his architecture continues to inform Australian residential design at the highest levels. Enjoy!

The Light House - Dover Heights, Sydney 2013

Project Architect: Peter Stutchbury and John Bohane

Photography - Michael Nicholson

Peter Stutchbury 09a Peter Stutchbury 08a Peter Stutchbury 07a Peter Stutchbury 06a Peter Stutchbury 05a Peter Stutchbury 04a Peter Stutchbury 03a Peter Stutchbury 02a Peter Stutchbury 01a






The Land House - Mosman, Sydney 2013

Project Architect - Peter Stutchbury and Belinda Koopman

Photography - Michael Nicholson

PeterStutchbury12b PeterStutchbury11b PeterStutchbury10b PeterStutchbury09b PeterStutchbury08b PeterStutchbury07b PeterStutchbury06b PeterStutchbury05b PeterStutchbury04b PeterStutchbury03b PeterStutchbury02b PeterStutchbury01b




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