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Silver City Museum – An Un-built work by Glenn Murcutt

Glenn Murcutt's work has captivated me over the years. His attention to detail is phenomenal, he leaves nothing unchecked. I have spent countless hours with magnifying glass in hand looking at his working drawings, this exercise never gets old. It seems the more you look at them the more you learn. As a designer, there is a lifetime of knowledge inside his hand drawn master pieces. 

This footage below, created for Venice as part of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition, is a beautiful rendering of Glenn Murcutt's Un-built Minerals and Mining Museum planed for Broken Hill back in the late 80's. While the rendering brings the building to life there is just as much to be gained by looking at the technical drawings of the same work. 

A great place for viewing Glenn's drawings is in the book: Glenn Murcutt - Thinking Drawing / Working Drawing by ToTo Publishing



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