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The impact of architecture for place

The well know saying “We are what we eat” obviously talks about one’s physical health in relation to food consumption but what about “We are what we build.” Let’s think about this for a moment, if we construct homes that have their planning arrangements centred on unknown future circumstances that often take the safest, most conservative approach to living possible, we are intentionally doing ourselves an injustice robbing clients and homeowners of the immeasurable experience that comes with living in an environmentally responsive arrangement.  The problem is, most people haven’t even had the chance to step foot in a home designed with basic environmental responses embodied so they don’t know what they don’t know.  By way of description I will try to put in words how it feels being in a beautifully designed sensitive enclave. In my experience it is truly transformational.

The lightest breeze is drawn in to stirs your senses. The guided views depict outlooks framed through the veil of architecture. There is an acute awareness of rustling leaves, sounds of birds, filtered flecks of golden light, the sound of trickling rain. Peace settles in your soul. You are home.

Breathe deeply, draw in the energy of your environment, let the outside in. Enjoy the aroma of considered landscaping. Feel alive. Experience the uniqueness of each space, your space.

The versatility of your environment allows for adjustment. The light, the breeze, the coolness, the warmth, these aspects follow you as you move through your home. There is a blurring between the edges. You are not trapped behind thick, dark walls, but interact in harmony with your surroundings. The public realm promotes connection and interaction, the private increases levels of relaxation and rejuvenation.  Your home is a place that facilitates memory and the anticipation of future enjoyment. It is a place of rest - mental, physical and spiritual. It is a place where you exist as part of a bigger picture, a contributor that moves in your environment with ease.



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