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The Queensland House is barely a house, its actually just clad structure and micro-climate. With simply structural bracing on the outside to which is nailed tongue and grove boards and then with veranda’s all the way around, it can seem barely a house simply an expression of the weather, maybe a dialectic with it. And elevated on posts it has a particular relationship to the street, the suburb, the city – Brisbane. I lived in one for 7 years and it was my favorite house ever.

(Tristan Shelly’s particular reading of the veranda condition) 

Between 2008-2009 Chris Brisbin, Vicky Hamilton and I ran a design research elective at QUT entitled Veranda Urbanism. Students measured up Queenslanders and considered how the veranda made an edge or threshold to the street. From this students also made speculative models that tried to describe this condition. While we are one day hoping to publish a book on this research, we did give a number of lectures (including this one (beware its a big PDF) at the IMA (Institute of Modern Art) in Brisbane), we published a paper for an art history conference on it (here) Chris published a paper on the research for the AASA conference in 2010.

Words by julianraxworthy

Posted on July 17, 2012



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