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The Outdoor Room

Queensland offers so many beautiful places to choose from when buying or renovating a house. In this case, we were asked to do a small but unique renovation to the rear of a duplex building. My clients live on the water in a stunning part of the northern Goldcoast region. The property faces due north but is exposed to western sun during the afternoon hours.

The project offered a chance to enhance the usability of their outdoor living space while at the same time provide a new aesthetic experience. The material inspiration for this job has stemmed from a Melbourne extension done to a Georgian manner by Jackson Clement Burrows back in early 2000. Their extension offered a modern space that connected two heritage buildings. While the duplex isn't heritage in any way like a lot of Gold Coast developer driven builds it is relatively conservative in form with neutral exterior colours all rendered.


We wanted to experiment with vibrant colour, stained hardwood and exposed industrial steel. In many regards it is a complete departure from materials used in most Gold Coast homes. The journey from inside to out is via an existing 2.4m wide stacking door. Immediately, you are exposed to a series of graded marine ply boxes that jut out to create an undulating surround. From there the extension gets lighter and more refined with timber slats and Dampalon roofing (thermally rated polycarbonate sheet). At the perimeter, the timber sofit is surrounded by exposed galvanised universal beams that appear to cantilevered out over the patio space.

Directly to the right when looking towards the water, a series of 220mm x 35mm F27 hardwood posts support the steel. They are clad in the same timber slats that make up the ceiling of the pergola. This area filters sunlight and protects from the western sun. Below the timber uprights is a fixed seating arrangement that is configured to encourage communication alternatively to be used as a day-bed.

My clients have done a superb job of designing the interior of their home. I am really excited about how the new extension will add value to it. The project is due to start construction early 2012.








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